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At Capacity

Shetland Minor (Ages 3-4)  Baseball

Sold Out
Fall 2022
Sep 10 ’22
Nov 19 ’22
Registration Dates:
May 5 ’22 – Jun 29 ’22 early bird
Jun 30 ’22 – Aug 14 ’22 regular
Aug 15 ’22 – Sep 10 ’22 late
Minimum age:
3 years old
Maximum age:
4 years old
Age as of:
Aug 31 ’23
Team Fees
Early Bird $0.00 per player + $50.00 Field Maintenance Fee
Regular $0.00 per player + $50.00 Field Maintenance Fee
Late $0.00 per player + $50.00 Field Maintenance Fee
Individual Fees
Early Bird $175.00 + $50.00 Field Maintenance Fee
Regular $195.00 + $50.00 Field Maintenance Fee
Late $215.00 + $50.00 Field Maintenance Fee

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**Shetland Minor players do not need to Evaluate for the upcoming season**

Brithdate Range: Sept. 2018 - Aug. 2020

FOAL LEAGUE 4U is an instructional league to teach three and four-year-old players the fundamentals of baseball and softball by the simplest method possible - letting them play the game. If this purpose is kept paramount, FOAL 4U LEAGUE can be a valuable addition to the more formally organized leagues for older players. Emphasis must be on instruction, not on the league championship.

FOAL 4U LEAGUE coaches are allowed on the field to offer instruction during the game. The rules require that players be given the opportunity to try different positions and that all of them get to play in every game.

Players in this age range have a short attention span in any single activity and games must move rapidly. Only the basic fundamentals of the game should be brought out. It is not uncommon for players of this age, initially, to be unfamiliar with which is first base, which is third base, and which field is left and which is right. Lack of knowledge indicates merely that the player has not yet been introduced to the game and has no relationship to the player's potential athletic ability.

was introduced this year and provides an excellent opportunity to teach basic catching, throwing, batting and fielding, and a love of the game of baseball without making the experience a course of intensified instruction. The best approach is to let the teams play with little thought to victory or defeat, but merely for the joy of participation while, at the same time, learning the fundamentals of teamwork, group discipline, and sportsmanship.

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