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1. When does the Baseball Season begin?

The Spring Season begins, tentatively, the 3rd weekend in February.

The Fall Season begins, tentatively, the 2nd weekend in September. 

2. What day/times are practices?

Your team manager will determine which day(s) and time(s) practices will be. Generally speaking, until games start, most teams will practice 1-2 days each week. After games begin, most teams tend to practice once a week in between games. This is more of a what happens than a rule.

3. How do I register my child?

All registrations will be done online. Please create an account and a profile for your player.

4. Are there tryouts/evaluations? And does my player need to attend?

Yes. Player evaluations will take place on a date/time after registrations are over. All players are asked to come to evaluations.

This is only to ensure the teams are well balanced.

5. Registration Fees

Registration Fees are due upon registration.

6. What form of payment does SSBB accept?

SSBB accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

7. What if my son/daughter decides not to play, can I get a refund?

A refund request must be made in writing (e-mail) and sent to the Secretary of the league at 

The refund will be for the amount of registration fee paid minus 20 Dollar processing fee. All refunds are made by Santa Susana Baseball business check only. No refunds will be credited to any bank card. 

Once teams are formed, NO refunds are offered. 

  1. We will not refund registration fees because a player is assigned to a team with an inconvenient practice time or for other reasons related to the assigned team. 
  2. Games or practices are canceled due to inclement weather. 
  3. Player decides not to play after placement/selection to a team. 
  4. Player decides to play for a different program. 

Please understand that we incur significant costs once a player is registered, including PONY Registration fees, as well as uniform and equipment costs. In addition, late drops create significant challenges for coach recruitment and Balanced Team formation.

8. What division will my child be in?

The division a player plays in depends on their birth date. Below is the age reference for each division.

9. Can my son/daughter "play down" in a division?

Players are not permitted to play "down" in divisions unless there is a unique medical, physical, or safety issue. In order to be considered for this, the player must be:

1) Registered in the proper division based on their age;

2) Notify the Vice President BEFORE evaluations;

3) Be evaluated in the division they should be playing in based on their age

4) Be evaluated in the division they want to play in.

10. Do you allow special requests?

Requests to play for managers, coaches, with friends, etc., are just that, requests. Where feasible, we will try to grant the request, but there are no guarantees as our teams are drafted by managers.

11. How will teams be chosen?

All teams will be drafted by the managers.

12. When will I hear from my coach?

Team Managers will reach out to their players and families a week after all team drafts are completed. 

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