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2024 Board Voting Information

2024 Board Voting Information

Welcome to our voting information page!


  • Election of Board
  • Voter Requirements
  • Voting Location
  • Important Dates

Election of Board of Directors per the By-Laws

  • The position of Treasurer must meet the qualifications as determined by the Board.
  • All positions must receive a majority vote if running unopposed.
  • A person Running for a position must be posted on the board by 5pm on day board comes down.

Who Can Vote & Voter Requirements

  • Each parent and/or guardian of a player in the League has one vote.
  • All members voting shall be verified from the rosters.

Voting Location

  • Voting will be done in person in front of snack bar. A roster of all eligible voting members will be maintained at the polling place.
  • Ballot boxes are to remain sealed until the ballots are counted by the Election Committee.

Important Dates

  • Establish Nominees by: Sunday, May 5th
  • Voting will be on: Saturday, May 11th
  • Winners will be announced during closing date Saturday, May 18th

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