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PONY All-Stars

What are All Stars?

All-Stars takes place after the spring rec season ends. The players are chosen, in each division by the manager of the all-star team, for the teams to continue playing games against other PONY leagues with the hopes of reaching the PONY World Series.

Who is eligible to play All-Stars?

Every child registered with SSBB for the Spring Season, Shetland through Pony is eligible for All-Stars.

How many players are on an All-Star team?

For All-Stars a team can be a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 15 players.

How are players selected?

Every interested player that would like to participate in All-Stars needs to fill out and turn in the Commitment Letter. 

All-Star Division Managers will review all player entries and decide who will make the team. Once the teams are established, the Managers will contact the players to let them know they made the team. 

My child made the All-Star team for their division, what's next?

If your child was selected on an All-Star team you have most likely received a call from the manager of the team. Your manager is going to need your immediate cooperation in putting some items together. Your manager will need the following documents ASAP; a copy of the player's birth certificate and signed medical waiver for each player.

When do All-Stars start?

Managers, once the teams are set, will start practices right away. All-Star practices are more frequent than regular-season practices. Your manager will also schedule Pre-All Star tournaments for your team. Typically the first tournament is a "Father's Day Tournament" or during the last 2 weeks of June. PONY Sanctioned tournaments typically start the first week of July.

When do All-Star end?

All-Star team play can go all the way until August, but it all depends on how well the team does and advances. 

My child isn't getting as much playing time as I feel they should. What can I do?

All-Star teams are structured as the manager feels is in the best interest of the team. Your child may not play as often as they did during their regular-season team.

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